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One of the few organic body lotions online, Stately Essentials moisturizer was created to cure a dehydrated and damaged skin. A constant worry for a lot of people is excessive dryness and itchiness of skin which is kept in consideration when Stately mixes natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil to present you with body lotions for men and women. These skin hydrators do exactly what the name suggests- they moisturise your body but also leave a pleasant lingering fragrance of essential oils like rose, jasmine, deodar, or lavender. Free of harmful chemicals like parabens and SLES, ingredients for Stately’s natural body lotion are sourced from things available in nature. Combat issues like inflammation, rashes, and redness that accompany dry skin with the help of these natural body lotions for all and see the positive effect yourself.


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Body Lotion
Stately Essentials Delicious Choco Vanilla Skin Hydrator
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Body Lotion
Stately Essentials Delicious Strawberry Skin Hydrator
Rs. 275
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