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While talking about skin care, we primarily focus on the face and ignore the rest of the body. We are often focused on getting our hands on the effective face cream than the best body lotion for dry skin. Yes, there is no denying the fact that the skin of your body heals faster than your facial skin, but the former still needs nourishment and proper care too. Stately Essentials presents organic and natural body lotion as a substantial collection of moisturizing body lotions that retrieves your skin’s lost charm after a few applications only. Get your hands on the best body lotion in India that is highly effective lotion and mildly penetrates your dry and broken skin and repairs it deeply. Experience the best body lotion for dry skin with an extraordinary blend of the finest skin rejuvenating ingredients that will save you from the harsh winter effect and keep your skin glowing and smooth in all the seasons.

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Most people suffer from dry and dead skin after being exposed to the sun, constant friction, environmental pollutants, and other harmful substances. This can lead to irritation, wrinkles, discolouration, and other skin problems. Whether it is a summer season or winter, climatic conditions can take a toll on your skin health causing it to be cracked, sunburned, flaky, and dehydrated. Our expert team of dermatologists and other professionals has ensured to pack all the essential minerals, botanicals, and vitamins to repair your dry and cracked skin. All the natural body lotions that are showcased on our online store consists of natural cream and body butter that are free from paraben and animal testing. Our primary motive is to keep the body lotion as pure as possible without using any chemicals to maintain a longer life of our products. If you have been looking for the best body lotion for dry skin, then rest your search here because we are here with the best organic and natural skin care products that will keep your skin moisturized and smooth.

No need to hide anymore due to your dull skin. Let your skin get the required dose of nourishment with the best body lotion in India for women and men online.

Benefits of Natural Body Lotion

People have now become more conscious of what they put on their skin. In such a scenario, the safest and the best option is to opt for the organic and natural products that guarantee no side effects and skin reactions. If you are also struggling to keep your skin smooth and soft, then pick our natural body lotions according to your skin type. Be it summer or winter, with our exclusive range of body lotions, we have got you all covered. Buy the best body lotion in India from our online store and give your skin all the essential oils and hydration that it requires. All our products are made with nothing but herbal ingredients that are known to keep your skin nourished. They are packed with hydrating skin food, non-greasy components, and have healing properties of coconut oil, jojoba, superfruits, shea butter, and other proven ingredients that are known for its benefits for years now.

Moreover, Stately Essentials’ natural body lotion is blended with special ingredients that are rich in cocoa and butter along with Vitamin A, making it excellent for the dry and sensitive skin. It softens and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. With the regular use of the best body lotion for dry skin, protect your skin from sun damage, retains moisture on the skin and leaves it soft, nourished and supple. It melts into your skin leaving it soft, firm and hydrated for hours. The cocoa content helps to tighten and tone your skin. It penetrates deeply into the skin and nourishes it from within. This lightweight, greaseless lotion is specially formulated to provide deep hydration after a bath. Loaded with naturally moisturizing ingredients, regular use of this provides nourishment and hydration to the skin, leaving it smooth and supple. It is the best body lotion in India for dry and sensitive skin as it stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. Grab the natural body lotion online now.

The quick absorbing property helps the lotion to be light weighted. Dry skin needs special ingredients for proper moisturization and nourishment. Your skin is delicate and hence you deserve mild body care products to get a smooth and hydrated skin. The effect and fragrance are long lasting thus it helps for the better & smoother skin. It contains Naturally Moisturizing ingredients which make the skin supple and naturally healthy. It is very well proved to be non-sticky and lightweight thus it helps to be termed as an all-day lotion. Here are a few benefits of using our natural body lotions:

Replenish dry spots

Most of us suffer from dry spots on our skin, especially at the elbows and knees. If you find yourself on the same wavelength, then use the best body lotion to keep those parts moisturized, smooth, and soft.

Soften the roughest parts

Due to constant work and walking, most of the time our heels and legs get rough. If you are a girl, this is actually not a good situation for you. Keep the best body lotion for dry skin created by our experts always in your bag and apply it whenever you feel they are getting rough and dry. Witness the wonders within a few weeks.

Help you relax

After a hectic and busy day, find a little time for yourself before going to bed and massage your hands and legs gently with natural body lotion. Rotate your fingers in a circular motion to improve blood circulation and you will find yourself getting relaxed and stress-free.

Re-hydrate dry skin

If you have sensitive or dry skin, then it’s time to buy the best body lotion in India to make it soft and smooth and heal the affected areas. As soon as you are back from work or college, and take a shower, apply the sufficient amount of moisturizer on your legs and arms to repair the damaged skin.

Smell good

All the natural ingredients that we have used in our lotion ensure that it smell good and pleasing. When you will apply it on your legs, feet, and hands, the fragrance will make you relaxed and you will feel really good.

Make your skin glow

This is a no hidden secret that lotions ensure glowy and soft skin. This is a key reason that girls prefer using natural body lotion than chemical additives that take all the moisture and make the skin dull and dry after a few uses.

Smooth calluses

When we work out or on the feet for long hours, it creates calluses which are painful and surely not a pleasing sight to watch. However, with the best body lotion in India that you can find on our store, you can remove the dry skin and repair your damaged skin parts.

You will find a plethora of brands online that will promise to sell you only ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ products. Do not let yourself fall prey to such commercial brands and stick to Stately Essentials, a name which is a synonym to trust and credibility. After reviewing and testing hundreds of ingredients, we have come up with the exclusive and most effective range of natural products that will give you the positive results within a few uses. So, browse through our collection now and pick the ones that suit your skin type.

How to Use Body Lotion?

  • Start by taking a small proportion of lotion in your palm, then eventually distribute on your body, starting from the bottom to up.
  • Repeat as you work by section.
  • Don't forget to rub your lotion on your feet, hands and particularly dry areas.
  • Don't saturate your body in lotion.
  • Increase the amount as needed.
  • For better results, use immediately after the bath so that skin absorbs lotion more readily.

Still waiting? Hurry, and buy the best natural body lotion for the soft skin that you only dreamed about till now.

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