About us


In the pursuit of living more simply, naturally, and consciously of our environment, Kothari and Chopra gave birth to their idea and brought to life, an array of products, that fulfils consumers in terms of effectiveness and luxury, without compromising on health and nourishment.

Originated in 2017 itself, C&K LIFECARE PRIVATE LIMITED was conceptualized with the thought of making natural products more accessible and palatable to consumers.

Using extensive research and premium ingredients, we bring to you, Stately Essentials, carefully crafted to perfection and highly suitable for Indian skin.

Our aim is to introduce traditional chemical-free products, with a touch of royalty and luxury that is evident from the rich fragrance of our entire range.

With the latest dawn in growing consumer awareness, Kothari and Chopra recognized the golden opportunity to make products that all consumers want, without giving them any scope of apprehension of side effects and damage.

And so, from the very onset, C&K Lifecare has made it their mission to offer products that are devoid of any harmful ingredients, allowing customers to use our precious ingredients in their most natural state and derive maximum benefit with minimum impact.

We continue to strive with our mission of creating a luxurious experience for all our customers and at the same time committing to achieving momentous results!


Ensure that our products are carefully crafted using time tested proven recipes composed of the best ingredients that nature has to offer.


Ceaselessly developing high-quality, natural, innovative skin care and health products that are user and environmental friendly.

About Stately Essentials (Brand)

In a day and age where many of us are increasingly conscious of detoxing our makeup kits and beautiful cabinets, we at Stately Essentials, bring to you the next generation of natural products that are luxurious, shelf worthy and most of all, effective.

All Our Products Are Expertly Blended With Vegan Ingredients And Balanced Formulations Designed For Utmost Luxury And Well-Being.

Every ingredient is sourced with great care maintaining high quality control standards so that we offer, an end product so balanced; it nourishes, enhances and supplements our skin.

Combining the wisdom of ancient Veda with 21st century technologies, we bring to you a suit of outstanding products that expand across a plethora of categories: Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Care and overall Wellness.

We strive to conserve our wonderful planet and the people and animals in it. Our products are not only vegetarian but also 100% vegan, devoid of any dairy products and silk as we believe firmly in minimal environmental impact and remain strong on our stance against animal testing.