Stately Essentials Absolute Rose Bath Gel

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Rose Bath Gel

A luxurious body wash crafted with rich Rose malt extracts for those with rigorous refinement. Enriched with exquisite rose & vanilla essentials oil that together create a warm, full-bodied fragrance, sweet with a hint of spice that women are sure to love. Power-packed with antioxidants to kill free radicals and protect against environmental aggressors. Enjoy an ultra-rich cleansing experience in the bath or shower with this indulgent botanical body cleanser. The richness of delicate perfume of Rose gives an elegant kick start to the day with a touch of a Luxury passion. Leather yourself with a creamy texture and you’ll feel like you’re being wrapped in a warm hug.

Enriched with Antioxidants| Absorbs Impurities | Daily use Body Tonic

Product Benefits

    • It leaves your skin super clean and extremely soft.
    •  It is an effective exfoliator of dead skin cells.
    •  It moisturises your skin by leaving it smooth and supple.
    • It helps in hydration of dehydrated skin to make it radiant.
    • Leaves skin feeling totally clean, smooth and soft.
    • Gives rich hydration to skin to remove every trace of dryness.
    • Rose Otto Essential Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E give your skin ample anti aging nourishment.
    • The rich moisturising formulation that brings the glow to the skin.
Size: 250 ML Each

Key Ingredients

Aloe Vera Gel, Aqua, Fragrance, Rose Extracts.

All ingredients are natural, naturally-derived or strictly within safe permissible limits as prescribed by ECOCERT. 

DISCLAIMER: Colour of original product (using natural and naturally derived ingredients only) may vary slightly from colours shown on the web.

How to use

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WOW Skin Science Rose Otto Foaming Body Wash for excellent bathing experienceWOW Skin Science Rose Otto Foaming Body Wash for excellent bathing experienceWOW Skin Science Rose Otto Foaming Body Wash for excellent bathing experience


Wet your body thoroughly under shower or in bath.


Pour a dollop of shower gel on wet loofah, washcloth or sponge. Lather all over savoring the amazing smell.


Rinse off thoroughly and pat your skin dry.

Dispense about 5 ML of the body wash onto your wet hands/loofah. Scrub into a rich lather. Rinse off with water. Use loofah for best results. If used as indicated, one bottle lasts 45 days.

Additional Information

Stately Essentials has a premium and luxury range of Bath, Body and Haircare products. They are organically prepared and are free from harmful chemicals like Sulphate and Paraben. The infused rose essential oil helps the body to rejuvenate skin after wash.

Contains No 

SLS | SLES | Parabens | MEA | DEA | TEA | Petrolatum | Phthalates | Ethoxylates | Artificial Colours | Artificial Fragrances | Silicones

Suitable for All skin types

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