Stately Essentials Beard Wash

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Get the Royale Look

Humidity, heat and dust are the three biggest enemies your beard protects you against. These three environmental factors can really irritate your skin and dry out your beard, leaving it rough and scruffy. The Royale’ Beard Wash, with the healing and cleansing properties of nutmeg, clove and lime, will gently cleanse, nourish and protect your beard, when used on a daily basis. A regular wash with this product will leave you feeling great all day long!

Why You Should Use Beard Wash?

The best part of this wash is that it is made up of clove and nutmeg. These elements help enrich and nourish the growth of new hair follicles. This not only helps in protecting the hair but also provides a great alternative to prevent graying. The skin of the hair becomes dry due to the pollution in the air and itches which leads to flaky skin and infections. This wash helps in removing all the dirt and keeping the skin moisturised for a longer time!

Men need to take care of their beards, just as well as their hair and skin. Stately s beard products for men are made especially for taking care of their needs. With all natural elements present in each one of our products – Stately nourishes, nurtures and protects the skin and hair naturally.

  1. Cleanses your beard
  2. Provides a refreshing look
  3. Protects from dirt and sun
  4. Has healing properties
How to Use


  • Spray water on your face and let your beard be cleansed with water before anything else!
  • Take some liquid in your hands and lather it on to your palms to apply on your beard!
  • As you rub the lather, give a gentle massage to your beard and the skin
  • Now, wash it off by spraying clear water on your face and remove all the foam from your beard!

Additional Information

All-Day Intense Hydration  |  Softens & Moisturises Skin

This moisture-intensive soap set of 3 deeply hydrates and softens dry skin. It harnesses the ultra-rich moisturising properties  and Oil to leave skin nourished and refreshed. This soap is 100% Vegan, Natural and free of SLS & Parabens.

Contains No 

SLS | SLES | Parabens | MEA | DEA | TEA | Petrolatum | Phthalates | Ethoxylates | Artificial Colours | Artificial Fragrances | Silicones

Suitable for All skin types

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